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The Shoe Game - Time For Change

Over the years, the shoe game has changed dramatically from people buying shoes because they love it to our current time filled with hype and resellers. Back when buying a pair of Jordans was manageable, you still had to camp out, meet people, but you went home with a pair in hand. But now that resellers have hit an all time high, it has changed for the worst. And nobody is to blame but ourselves. 

This video by INTG explains it all and is a definite watch if you got love for sneakers.. just listen. It’s a pretty long video, but skip to 13:25 to get to the main point. 

Spread the video and word out. Here at FuckYeahNikes don’t support resellers in any shape or form. We get tons of submissions of sellers showing off their inventory for rape prices and we deny all of them. Enjoy the vid. 


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how did you know??


how did you know??